(Sept 17, 2020) Dear winter swimmers, the long waited winter swimming season is finally closing in. In some parts, our calendar has been changing, as the COVID-19 is still affecting everyone daily life around the World. We are still hoping that most of our events will take place as planned, so that our swimmers can meet each other safely and enjoy the healthy lifestyle together. Although, this season our events will not have the World Cup status as many of our international swimmers are nor able to travel without limitations. We still encourage those of you who can travel safely to take part at events close to your home countries.

Winter swimming is a global lifestyle and sporting activity. IWSA World Cup Series is the next step giving ordinary swimmers a chance to participate in a series of safe international events. It helps to promote winter swimming as a healthy sport and fosters great international friendships.

IWSA is delighted to provide the inaugural IWSA World Cup Series in 2015/2016 season.

The five stages of the IWSA World Cup will take place in the new season 2019/2020 in following countries Latvia, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Russia.