The Big Neva Cup in Saint Petersburg!

06.03.2019 IWSA NEWS

The Big Neva Cup in Saint Petersburg! This competition has been gathering international winter swimmers for the 3rd year.

212 winter swimmers from 16 countries during 2 days competed in the Neva river in a water temperature of + 0.8°C!

The Federation of Winter Swimming of St. Petersburg, as the organizer of this championship, prepared everything necessary for the participants, an ice-hole with a size of 8x25m where 3 lanes with starting and finishing equipment, warm tents for changing rooms, meeting tent for participants and headquarter of the championship, as well as a sauna and a hot tub.

In two days 149 heats held with about 450 swimmers-starts. This time, the swimmers were competing in 6 distances, 25 meter breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly, 50 meter freestyle, 100 meter breaststroke, 200 meter freestyle and 4 × 25 meters team relays.

The youngest participant Viktor Efimov is 6 years old

and the most respectable 79 y.o. Aleksandr Fedotov, who participated in the "Bolshaya Neva" - Big Neva club back in the 60s right at the same place!

5 swimmers with disabilities took part in the championship at the same level as all participants and of course they became winners! Vladimir Turovskiy and Andrey Berdiugin from Tyumen, Sergey Andreyev from Velikiy Novgorod, Siarhei Ulasavets from Minsk Belarus, Vitaliy Kochnev from Komsomolsk-na-Amure he swam also 200 meters freestyle!

During 2 days of the competition 85 sets of medals were awarded. The winner of the BIG NEVA CUP - 2019 is relay team "Saint Petersburg Winter Swimming Federation" with a result of 00:55.79 sec.!

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