About us

Welcome to IWSA (International Winter Swimming Association), a preeminent global organization that introduces winter swimming as a health improving sport and leisure activity that strengthens the community and improves people's lives. The organizations commitment lies within organizing and supervising safe open water swimming events in winter conditions.

Established in 2006, our history stems from Finland, where open water swimming in winter conditions is a long-lasting national tradition.

Thriving on more-over a decade of experience in event organization and supervision, we focus on bringing our sport competitions to a world class standard. Whether you prefer a quick 25 meter sprint or choose a longer distance, such as a swim of 450 or 1000 meters, we will assure your swim will be safe and healthy, without limitation in age or experience.  Swimmers of all ages and experience are welcome.

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As a commitment to our standards, we have devised the following winter swimming events:

Winter Swimming World Championships - a biannual global winter swimming event, gathering a large amount of winter swimmers from all parts of the world for a true winter swimming holiday, occuring every 2 years in a selected location.

IWSA World Cup - a yearly championship, divided into multiple stages spread throughout the globe, where swimmers (both male and female) compete for the IWSA World Cup.

In order to maintain a constant track of achievements, gained by swimmers competing in our events, we keep an IWSA Winter Swimming World Records and document all stage results, available for access to the public at any given point of time on our website.

As our sport grows, we encourage cold water swimming clubs to organize their own competitions. IWSA supervision offers the clubs comprehensive advice on safety and pool preparation. We approve events that comply with IWSA Water Temperature Classification table limiting the swim distances depending on the weather conditions of the event. We help to research health benefits of cold water swimming which is a lifestyle for many participants of our events. They all know that wherever you are, the worldwide well being generated from swimming in cold water is universal.

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For other enquiries, please contact us via email - info@iwsa.world  

We look forward to seeing you in the winter swimming season!